1st  Internacional Award of  Photography : Visions

The organization of VISIONS 2016 (4ªEdición) calls the 1st International Award of Projections of Photography: VISIONS. You can submit your project htrough the e-mail: premio@visionsfest.net between June 20 and August 1, 2016. See the rules here and participate:


People of any age and nationality are invited to submit , unpublished photographic works or not are accepted. Must be presented in video format and have never before been displayed or presented in the Festival Visions.

The theme will be completely free, although advertising products, companies or brands, are not accepted, neither content that may be offensive in the opinion of the organization.

The work must be original. Pictures whose intellectual property not belongs in full and without exception to the contestant.

The music used, if necessary, should be royalty free or rely on the permission of either the author, or the holders of the licenses. In any case, the participants will be the only responsible for any infringement on copyright. The VISIONS Festival reserves the right to reject any projection for this reason.

For photographs in which appear recognizable people, the contestants will be responsible for any infringement of the integrity or image of individuals portrayed. The organization reserves the right to withdraw in that case projects receiving requests from people who show their disagreement, and may request, to the authors of each project, a letter signed by the individuals portrayed authorizing the use of his image.

The Entries will be sent via a download link to premio@visionsfest.net between June 20 and August 1, 2016.

Format for the submission of projects:

– The format should be Mp4 h264 codec, minimum resolution 1280x720px.

– The maximum duration of each project will be 3.5 minutes.

– The file name must have the following sequence: Author_title.mp4

– The projects presented may include credits and / or titles.

4 awards will be granted:

– First Prize: € 750 + Exhibition in the SALASAL gallery + Fujifilm X-T10 + Fujinon XC16-50mm.

– Second prize € 300

– Third prize € 150

– Best Galician authorship work : € 400.

The jury may declare desert any of the awards. The winners and / or awarded are obliged to comply with tax obligations, terms of prizes that are applicable in your jurisdiction of residence.

The prize will go to projections of photography. Video is admitted as long as it is set to support the work created from a series of photographs.

The competition jury will be appointed by the Visions Festival at the time and it will choose a maximum of 12 finalists that will be announced on Friday, August 19, 2016. The selected works will be screened in the 19th of the same month and will be shared on the web and in the festival social networks.

The public can vote via the website of the Festival Visions [www.visionsfest.net]. Each voter will award 1 point to 3 different works. The three projects who obtain the highest number of points will be awarded the first, second and third prize according to the number of votes. The votes that do not include three authors will not be validated.

The award for best work by a Galician photographer will be selected by the jury and may not coincide with any the three other prizes.

The winners will be invited to present their work on a solo exhibition at the only local gallery specialized in photography, Salasal [www.salasal.net] during 2017, as well as to participate in the jury of the next edition of the Visions Festival.

The jury’s decision will be communicated through the web and social networks associated with the Visions Festival. Should people awarded not get in touch with the organization along 5 calendar days of jury’s decision, the Jury will decide weather to declare the prize null or select new works again to adjudicate the awards.

Authors of selected projects will transfer with the mere presentation of her works to the contest, free of charge in favour of the Visions Festival, the rights of reproduction, communication, distribution, transformation and public comunication, for the purposes of exhibition, display advertising through the media that the Visions festival edit or third persons on its behalf.

Participants in this contest accept and give their consent to that the personal data required for registration in the contest, is incorporated into an automated file property of the Visions Festival, and processed in order to develop competition in accordance with Law 15/1999 on protection of Personal Data. Contestants have recognized rights and may freely exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in relation to their personal data by writing to the Visions Festival at the following email address: premio@visionsfest.net.

The Visions Festival reserves the right to modify the conditions of this competition at any time during the period of participation, and even cancel it or leave without effect, provided a just cause for it. In any case, undertakes to communicate through the competition website the modified bases or the cancellation of the Award, so that all participants have access to the information referred to.

The jury designated by the organizers of the Festival Visions reserves the right to interpretation of these rules.

Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules in their integrity